Academic Expeditions Medical Response Plan

Academic Expeditions is committed to the health, welfare, and safety of your child.

What happens if a student becomes sick while on a trip?  At Academic Expeditions, we will follow our existing policy of taking care of the traveler as we would any sick guest.  Our staff, in conjunction with local authorities will work with the guest to determine if testing is required.

If a traveler feels ill with symptoms of COVID-19 (which include fever, chills/aches, shortness of breath, coughing) or any illness:

  • Establish and coordinate communication with the participant and family
  • Discuss with group leaders and coordinate quarantine arrangements for the traveler (if necessary) and separate the unwell traveler to a safe location, in consultation with local health authorities.
  • In a non-emergency situation, organize transportation for the traveler to a local medical facility.
  • Discuss with medical professionals on next steps, testing and treatment.
  • Follow local and CDC guidelines with regards to the rest of the group for reducing exposure and possible testing.
  • Assist group leaders in arranging alternate transportation for a family member to join the ill traveler or return transportation as needed – bus ride home, earlier flight time, etc. (only individuals that are traveling on a tour and insured through Academic Expeditions as a traveler are entitled to receive hotel, transportation and travel related reimbursement expenses)

All travelers are enrolled in the travel protection insurance plan providing coverage for cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, travel delay, accident and sickness medical expense, evacuation, and baggage loss/delay. (Please note that certain one day trips offered by Academic Expeditions do not include this travel protection plan).

$100 per day for 10 days for additional accommodation, meals, and local transportation.  5 days is under Trip Interruption for Sickness & 5 days under Travel Delay if quarantined (strict 24/7 isolation) due to COVID.

Trip Interruption

  • If Your Traveling Companion must remain hospitalized, benefits will also be paid for reasonable accommodation and local transportation expenses incurred by You to remain with Your Traveling Companion up to $100 per day, limited to 5 days.
  • If You cannot continue travel due to a covered Injury or Sickness not requiring hospitalization and You must extend Your Trip due to medically imposed restrictions, as certified by a Legally Qualified Physician, benefits will be paid for additional hotel nights, meal(s) and local transportation expenses up to $100 per day, limited to 5 days.


Travel Delay: additional $100 per day up to $500 for accommodation, meals and local transportation if delayed 12 hours or more for quarantine (documented by +COVID test, 24/7 isolation).

  • If the traveler is so sick that an escort is recommended by the treating physician & our Generali (Emergency Assist) physician, the parent can serve as a non-medical escort under evacuation coverage.  The escort must be recommended due to the medical condition, not due to being a minor alone.
  • If you are traveling alone (no travel companion), and hospitalized more than 3 days, we will bring one person to your bedside.


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