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Requesting a Trip Quote

All of our expeditions are customized to your goals and needs, so before we can give you an accurate trip quote, we first need information from you, such as travel dates, destinations and the number of travelers. If you’re not quite sure yet what some of the options are for customizing your trip, you’ll find our Trip Planning Guide a helpful resource. Please contact us by either phone at 917.520.5453 or Email Us ready to answer the following questions:

Where do you want to travel? (For example: Washington DC – by itself or combined with other historic cities, our National Parks, or perhaps an International Destination)

Where are you traveling from? (If flying, which airport or airports best service your community?)

When do you want to travel? (Let us know if your travel dates are flexible, as we might be able to get better flights or hotel rates on different days of the week. If visiting multiple cities, let us know how many days you’d like to spend in each.)

How many paying travelers do you expect? (Estimates are fine as we will generate price tiers according to the number of travelers)

What are any extra experiences or features you’d like included? (Please list anything that might be an add-on to a typical itinerary. For example, if you’re going to New York, we naturally assume you’ll do Liberty & Ellis Island, the 9-11 Memorial, go to the top of one of the tall building, go to a Broadway show, and want free time to shop 5th Avenue, but let us know if you’d like to add on something like a baseball game, a dinner cruise, or a specific museum. Note, your quote can always be amended with changes to your itinerary later, but the sooner we know the specifics of your requests, the better.)

The above questions help provide us with the basic information we need to price your trip; however, we want you to know that we are invested beyond just punching numbers and dates.  To help us serve you better, we’d also like to know if you have taken student trips in the past – where did you go, who did you travel with, what were the highs and lows of the experience?  It also helps us to know if this is a school sponsored trip – one that’s part of the school calendar and curriculum is built around the experience.  Or if it is one that takes place over a break with a fraction of the student body and no formal classroom connections?  Do you prefer a fast pace, fitting in as much as possible, or a slower pace, seeing less but creating more time to reflect and rest?  All of our trips are a mix of “fun” and “reverence” but which would you prefer to lean toward?  Would you like the guide to deliver deep commentary or briefer highlights?  We work with a variety of teacher personalities and styles, so let us know what complements you best!

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