In light of unpredictable times surrounding the travel industry, we want you to know your investment is protected and your risk of losing money applied to this trip is minimal.  Your initial deposit not only secures your place on the trip, but automatically purchases on your behalf a built-in travel insurance policy from TripMate. In the event that the trip is cancelled or you yourself decide to not travel, this insurance premium is the only amount that will not be refunded within 31 days of the trip.  Within 30 days of the trip start, the amount we retain for cancellation will be based on the table below.  The remainder of the total you paid will be refunded to you, no questions asked.

Van Hoosen Middle School

The above policy relates to cancellations for any reason, or no reason at all, as it has no pre-requisites to qualify for beyond paying the initial trip deposit. If however, your cancellation or trip interruption is for a specific reason, such as a medical issue or an unexpected emergency, then you may qualify for a 100% refund of all monies paid. For specific details on this plan and its conditions, please visit our Cancellation and Insurance page.