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Orientation to Travel 101

Travel is both an art and a science, and Academic Expeditions is here to help you navigate the logistics of traveling with a group on a customized itinerary. A bit of applied and strategic preparation for your trip can go a long way in making yourself ready in body, mind, and spirit. For certainly, the body will face sunrise to sunset touring in come-what-may weather; the mind will process unlimited strands of interconnected information, and the spirit will absorb memorials to both grief and celebration. This is the beauty and worthy challenge of an Academic Expedition. The information and resources below have been assembled by our trip planners, guides, and teachers with many years of experience in educational travel. Please browse the sections below to be prepared before your leave, and to get the most rewarding experience during your trip.

See what’s actually included in our “all-inclusive” expeditions.
See why you can travel, and sleep, safe with us.
Here’s what you should pack, and how.

If fundraising is part of your plan, whether individually or collectively, here’s some ideas that engage students and their community in the themes and sites of their trip.
Being prepared is much more than just checking off a packing list. Here are tips that students, parents, and teachers should all take to heart.

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Ways to Make the Most of Your Expedition:

Check out our Travel101 section for tips and resources for preparing for your trip.


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