270 Electoral College votes are needed to win a presidential election. Assuming that your candidate has won the states with the 7 largest number of electoral votes (CA, TX, NY, FL, PA, IL, OH), can you determine the combination of states that will get your candidate over the 270 vote threshold?

Which combination of states gets your candidate to the winning threshold?:

Enter the answer below using the correct letter and the number of votes. For example, if there was an option m, and option m gave a total of 275 votes, you would enter m275 as the answer.

Add up the total for the 7 states with the largest number of electoral votes first. Once you know that number, just add the amounts of the states listed in each option to that value to see if you get to 270 or higher.

The winning combination includes this state that was one of only 2 states to join the Union during the Civil War.

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