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Our Nation’s Political Capital

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Presidential and War Memorials

More than just our nation’s capital, Washington DC is a smorgasbord of history. The Memorials, museums, and government buildings are the medium through which we understand our nation’s stories, struggles, and sacrifices as we continue to define and refine our ideals of freedom.


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What to Expect

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Things To Do

Below are highlights of what could potentially be an endless list. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve listed sights in groupings of how they are typically visited and how much time groups typically spend at each. Of course, no tour is typical, and we don’t want any of our groups to feel that they are cookie cutter, but these suggestions serve as a solid frame upon which to add your own uniqueness.

As these memorials are typically visited based on proximity to each other and while they can be visited at any time, we typically go in the evening while most of the other buildings and museums are closed.

Presidential Memorials:
Washington Monument
Jefferson Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

Military and War Memorials:
World War II Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Marine Corps Memorial
Air Force Memorial
Navy Memorial
Pentagon September 11th Memorial

This is the final resting place of honor for over 300,000 military personnel who dutifully served our country. It is a place of honor for Two US presidents—John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft are buried here. Arlington house, the home of Robert E. Lee until the outbreak of the Civil War, is located on the cemetery grounds.

George Washington’s preserved home and plantation is an ideal tribute to the practical man. A tour of the house, grounds, historical interpreters, and education center provide an intimate and hands-on look into Washington and his world of the late 1700’s. Nearby, the recreated Gristmill and Distillery can also be added to a Mount Vernon visit.

There are 20 museums and 9 research centers that make up the Smithsonian, but most groups find their interest and energy exhausted just by sticking to the big ones on the National Mall. If more time is allowed on the schedule, there are museums located off the beaten path (not on the National Mall): American Art Museum / Portrait Gallery in Chinatown, the National Zoo in Rock Creek Park, the Renwick Gallery by the White House, or the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum located about one hour outside DC at Dulles Airport.

A walk around the perimeter of the secure grounds of the most famous home in the world will afford up close views of the North Front and Lafayette Park on one side, and the South Portico, South Lawn and Ellipse on the other. To get inside is another story; that must be arranged by limited availability with your Representative or Senator. About a quarter of our groups get it. So good luck!

The site of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is both memorial to the man and working theater with rotating shows. Timed tickets permit entrance into the museum and into the theatre to see the balcony as it was decorated in 1865. Across the street, the same ticket permits entry into the Peterson House where Abraham Lincoln died.

Our nation’s safe house for the preservation of important documents and records has on permanent display The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Magna Carta. Long lines and security make this a hard one to time.

Depending whether the group visits one of the smaller exhibits like Daniel’s Story or visits the Permanent Exhibit which requires reservations or tickets, this could a short or long visit, and it could be a tamed or graphic visit. Either way, the Holocaust Memorial Museum is an essential lesson in how knowing history helps us know how to make a better future.

An internal tour of the BEP allows visitors to see the process by which our paper currency is printed. By reservation only for groups.

A tour of the world’s sixth largest church is by appointment only, and the trip there and back takes in the Embassies along Mass Ave and some of DC’s nicest residential neighborhoods.

This basilica, the largest Roman Catholic Church in the Western Hemisphere, is a mix of Romanesque and Byzantine styles with modern décor, and is located by Catholic University.

Tours of the headquarters of the Department of Defense and the world’s largest office building are by reservation only.

This memorial is encircled by marble walls containing the names of officers who have died in the line of duty. Each mid-May is Law Enforcement week when the new names of the fallen are added.

For the more “sophisticated” travelers, the traditional West Building, modern East Building, and outdoor Sculpture Garden contain works by all the big names in the European and American art scene. Located on the National Mall, the National Gallery of Art can be done in conjunction with the Smithsonians.

Several interactive floors review the history of crime, detective work, and penalty. America’s Most Wanted is filmed in the basement.

This museum covers the role and history of espionage, from the Revolution to the Cold War, and from Hollywood to DC.

Nearby Destinations

Many groups make Washington DC the core of a larger trip by adding one or more other historic destinations in the East. While three full days are needed to do DC justice, the destinations below are listed with their driving time one way from DC and extra days needed to experience them.

Colonial Virginia (3 hours drive, 2 days)
A great starting point to your trip is Jamestown, where the nation began. Williamsburg takes you back to the 1770’s for a hands-on authentic experience before hitting the bustle of DC. Yorktown is where our independence was won. Also. make time for Richmond or Charlottesville on the way to/from DC.

Civil War Battlefields (within 2 hours, day trip from DC)
Gettysburg, PA was the deadliest battle and turning point of the Civil War and now is the most monumented battlefield on earth. It is the most popular day trip out of DC, but for something closer there is Antietam, MD, Harper’s Ferry, WV, Manassas, VA, or Fredericksburg, VA.

Philadelphia (3 hours, 1-2 days)
Original buildings abound where our founding fathers walked, slept, worshipped, argued, and birthed our nation. Sites include Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Franklin Court, and the Constitution Center. Nearby is Valley Forge and a little further Lancaster (Amish Country).

New York City (5 hours from DC, 2-3 days)
While NYC has its own treasures of American history, a trip here from DC will definitely take on a whole new pace and energy. Canyons of sky-scrapers, the lights of Broadway, famous shopping, and film sets; it truly is the capital of the world.

Boston (9 hours from DC, 4 from New York, 2 days)
Walk the Freedom Trail in the footsteps of the revolutionaries in downtown Boston. Follow in the footsteps of the Minutemen and hear the “Shot heard ‘round the World” at Lexington and Concord. Join the first New England settlers at the Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation.

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