An Immersive Educational Adventure Awaits

Make the World Your Classroom

Here at Academic Expeditions, learning goes beyond the classroom. Our curriculum-based programs bring lessons to life by taking students to important locations and landmarks in unique US destinations. Whether you’re exploring the history of our founding fathers in Philadelphia, understanding our struggle for independence in colonial Virginia and at Civil War battlefields, or learning about our nation’s multicultural past in New York, all of our academic expeditions are designed to open minds, expand perspectives, and aid classroom learning — all while having a good time!

The Eiffel Tower

Preparing For Your Tour

A lot goes into planning an academic school trip, especially if you’re working with large group numbers. That’s why here at Academic Expeditions, we’ve compiled a list of useful resources to help trip coordinators, teachers, parents, and students prepare for the experience. An Academic Expeditions program is a unique opportunity, and one you likely won’t forget for years to come. With the following tools, you can rest easy knowing that you’re making the most of your field trip.



Meet Our Educational Leaders

Our diverse team understands the transformative power of travel, especially as a complementary educational tool. By experiencing history and culture first hand, we breathe life into the lessons learned in the classroom. That’s why our leaders are all current or experienced educators who are passionate about making learning relevant and personal. The best educational experiences are fun, engaging, and interactive — the very principles we construct our curriculum-based programs around.

As our destinations and the make-up of our travelers have diversified, we have partnered with Discovery Expeditions to better customize expeditions beyond the scope of our traditional US History destinations for student groups. Here are some examples of the types of expeditions available: International and Cultural Exposure for Students, Humanitarian and Non-Profit Expeditions, Academic Credit and Professional Development for Teachers, Family and Adult Custom Expeditions.

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One last selfie in Alexandria before heading to the airport. #rowdtrip2018
Flight information to send to parents:

cc: @nancy.padilla18

Taking in an awesome lunch at Ellen’s #rowdtrip2018 #discofever ...

Bus 2 of #Rowdtrip2018 got together to take an early morning pic on Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia ...

#smartdc2018 had the unique opportunity to witness a 19-Gun Salute for a representative from India’s Navy who was on hand to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns ...

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