Make the world your classroom

Customized educational expeditions to meet your academic and civic goals

What Makes Us A Great Travel Partner

Personalized Planning

We customize each expedition to your desired destinations to create a unique experience for your community.

Prime Amenitites

We contract preferred transportation arrangements, centrally located hotels, and generous, healthy meals.

Full Time Guides

Our professional expeditions leaders maintain an efficient flow of learning and practical logistics.

As our destinations and the make-up of our travelers have diversified, we have partnered with Discovery Expeditions to better customize expeditions beyond the scope of our traditional US History destinations for student groups.  Here are some examples of the types of expeditions available:  International and Cultural Exposure for Students, Humanitarian and Non-Profit Expeditions, Academic Credit and Professional Development for Teachers, Family and Adult Custom Expeditions.

Please visit Discovery Expeditions' website to discover more adventures.

Do “Recess” RighT

Our ecclectic team knows travel is more than just a “recess” from school; it’s an immersive expansion of what’s learned in the classroom and the community.  But still fun.

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“My Roots Song”

I first wrote and debuted “My Roots Song” in 2002 at our Mosteller Family Reunion as a reminder of the family roots I cherish in my life as I was trying to find my own place in life.  At our most recent Family Reunion in 2017, I performed it again, but it had further...

Isaiah’s updated Top – 10 Most Beautiful Places

I've been fortunate to visit a lot of amazing places in my travels thus far, but my recent trip to the Alps of Switzerland so impressed me, I began to think how it stacked up with some of the other places I've seen.  I filmed the following video on a walk along the...

Professional Afflilations

Academic Expeditions is an accredited educational travel provider and a member of the major student travel, guiding, and transportation organizations across the country.



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