Ellis Island in New York Harbor was the busiest immigration station in the United States. See if you can sort out an immigrant’s journey from the beginning through Ellis Island to their final destination in chronological order.

Do you know that 40% of all Americans can trace one of their ancestors coming through Ellis Island?

Put in chronological order the events in the journey of a new immigrant.

Click on the link to see the items of interest on a separate tab or to print LINK#1(opens in a new tab).

The answer is 15 characters, each one corresponding to one of the statements, and each letter only appearing once. For example, bfmjkdalhcegnio

Please read carefully through each of the different stops listed in the Ellis Island tour. There may be multiple events listed in each of the stops!

Some of the steps are not listed in the tour, but can be figured out logically. For example, if you are an immigrant from the old country, what steps would you take before you got on the boat to come to the United States?

Would you exchange money before you know you’ll definitely be processed?

Escape Room: Ellis Island