During the actual citizenship test, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) officer will ask the candidate to answer 20 out of the 128 civics test questions. The candidate must answer at least 12 questions correctly to pass the 2020 version of the civics test. This test is done verbally. Luckily, you may any online tool to help you answer the following 10 questions.

Select the correct multiple choice answer for each of the 10 questions:


1. How many amendments are there to the US Constitution?

A) 25

B) 26

C) 27

D) 28


2. What does the Rule of Law imply?

A) Everyone must follow the law

B) Government and Leaders must follow the law

C) No one is above the law

D) All of the above



3. The three branches of government are?

A) Executive, Judicial, Presidential

B) House of Representatives, Presidential, Senate

C) Legislative, Executive, Judicial

D) Judicial, Cabinet, Executive


4. Which is NOT a Cabinet Position?

A) Secretary of Environment

B) Secretary of Defense

C) Secretary of Transportation

D) Secretary of State


5. Which is NOT a promise that new citizens make in the Oath of Allegiance?

A) Give up loyalty to other countries.

B) Obey some of the laws of the United States

C) Defend the US Constitution

D) Serve in the military if needed


6. Three of the original 13 states are?

A) Vermont, Virginia, Connecticut

B) New York, New Jersey, Florida

C) Georgia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania

D) North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky


7. Which of these events occurred during the Civil War?

A) Battle of Little Big Horn

B) Battle of New Orleans

C) Battle of Bunker Hill

D) Battle of Vicksburg

8. Which is an American innovation?

A) Skyscrapers

B) Steam Locomotive

C) Photograph

D) Battle Tank


9. Three Federal National Holidays in the United States are?

A) Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day

B) Presidents Day, Judges Day, Representatives Day

C) New Years Day, Halloween, Valentines Day

D) Martin Luther King Jr Day, Labor Day, Teachers Day


10. Which of the following are 3 of the freedoms that we have as Americans?

A) Speech, Religion, Jobs

B) Assembly, Expression, To Bear Arms

C) Petition Government, Speech, Have a Home

D) Religion, Assembly, Own Property

The answer is 10 characters, each character either being a,b,c or d. For example, dcabbacdad.

If you didn’t read above, you may use an online tool to help you with the questions. Yes, you can use google.

Seriously?! If you can’t google your answer, go back to what people did before the internet: take an educated guess!!!

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