“How long did the Korean War last?” asked one of the parents on the trip.

“The answer is Thirty Eight Months, from June 1950 through July 1953” replied the guide.

The Korean War Memorial itself has a contrast of numbers. There are nineteen soldiers, who when reflected in the Memorial wall, add up to thirty eight. Thirty eight also happens to be the parallel that separates North Korea and South Korea. This was also the first United Nations action, where twenty two countries participated in a coalition to push back the invading North Korean armies. This war ironically is still considered active, as an armistice (ceasefire) was signed in 1953, but no peace agreement was ever signed.


Before you even have a chance to take a photo, your tablet comes alive and alerts you:


Within these images are hidden words. Each page indicates how many words are hidden. Once you find all the words on each page, go to the next page. Make sure you write down each word.
When completed, your clue can be found from this riddle:

No submarine, or jackets or pages,

Nor lobster, or dawn or bull,

Nor acres, or day or lantern,

But oceans, and skies and angels,

For each is First and true.

Escape Room: Korean War Memorial