“Why don’t people come here more often?” asked one of your classmates.

“It’s because most people either don’t know it’s here, and since it’s not next to the Tidal basin like the other memorials, it tends to be bypassed” replied the guide.

Just like the memorial itself, George Mason tends to be bypassed or hardly remembered as one of our Founding Fathers, but his contribution to American History is undeniable. Without him, there would be no Bill of Rights. George Mason wrote Virginia’s Declaration of Rights and Constitution in 1776, the same year as the Declaration of Independence. That inspired the Constitution of the United States, but Mason refused to sign it until it guaranteed the rights of the people, hence the inclusion of the Bill of Rights.

The memorial remembers his contributions to our country.

You took a great photograph of the words describing George Mason at the memorial:

However, when you reviewed the photograph it looked like this:

Can you solve this? And remember this answer for later!