“Why are there books and different crops directly behind Thomas Jefferson’s statue?” asked our guide to the rest of us.

“Anybody? Bueller?” The adults laughed, but not all the class got the reference.

“The answer is Jefferson’s love of books and experimentation with agriculture. Who do you think donated his books to start the Library of Congress? And Jefferson learned from others how to properly maximize his yield for his land.” 


The memorial itself was completed in 1943, but the original statue of Jefferson was made of plaster due to a shortage of metal during the war. The current statue was installed in 1947.


The image of the interior of the Memorial was suddenly interrupted by the following clue:


There are 4 quotes within the Jefferson Memorial. The quotes deal with education, independence, laws and government and religious freedom.


First, figure out the locations of the quotes within the memorial in terms of direction.

Hint: Tom can see this building as a result of FDR’s removal of a bunch of trees so that FDR could see his idol’s (i.e. TJ)  memorial.

Use this map to figure out where Thomas Jefferson is looking:

Knowing now which speech is located where within the memorial, solve and unscramble:

Escape Room: Jefferson Memorial