“How long did the Korean War last?” asked one of the parents on the trip.

“The answer is Thirty Eight Months, from June 1950 through July 1953” replied the guide.

The Korean War Memorial itself has a contrast of numbers. There are nineteen soldiers, who when reflected in the Memorial wall, add up to thirty eight. Thirty eight also happens to be the parallel that separates North Korea and South Korea. This was also the first United Nations action, where twenty two countries participated in a coalition to push back the invading North Korean armies. This war ironically is still considered active, as an armistice (ceasefire) was signed in 1953, but no peace agreement was ever signed.


Before you even have a chance to take a photo, your tablet comes alive and alerts you to look at the following information:
Numbers are important. These 8 numbers have meanings for the memorial.
04 is the number of words for the message at the memorial for all (Freedom is Not Free)
07 is the height in feet of each of the soldiers at the memorial.
19 is the number of soldiers you see at the memorial.
22 is the number of nations under the United Nations force in Korea.
24 is the number of words in the dedication at the memorial. (Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met.)
28 is the number of trees that surround the pool of remembrance.
38 is the parallel between North and South Korea.
41 is the number of panels on the wall of images at the memorial.

Now an image appears with these numbers.

You must figure out which 3 numbers are valid and which position they are located at in sequence.
Your answer is 6 digits long, with the 1st number followed by the 2nd number followed by the 3rd number.
For example, if you believe the 3 numbers in order are 07,38,19, you would enter the answer as 073819

Since this is a logic puzzle, look at all the information and then start eliminating numbers. Maybe start with the fourth line?

A number cannot be in the same position in two different lines and be correct on one line and incorrect in a different line.

Escape Room: Korean War Memorial