The designer of the Washington Monument was Robert Mills.
There are 193 commemorative stones in the Washington Monument.
The leader of the Army Corps of Engineers that completed the Washington Monument was Thomas Casey.
The answer is mills193casey

The 8th column to the right is Tennessee, with state abbreviation TN.
The 7th column to the left is Rhode Island, with state abbreviations RI.
The number of individuals in the 1st panel is 9, the 5th panel is 8, and the 10th panel is 8, with a total of 9+8+8=25.
The quote from D-Day is from Dwight Eisenhower, with initials DE.
The answer (with everything in lowercase) is tnri25de

The Southwest speech is the Declaration of Independence.
The Northwest speech is about the Freedom of Religion.
The Northeast speech is about Education.
The Southeast speech is about Laws and Government.
NW Yellow 7 is the letter L.
SW Pink 7 is the letter T.
NE Blue 6 is the letter O.
SE Pink 6 is the letter E.
NE Green 5 is the letter I.
SW Grey 6 is the letter L.
NE Yellow 5 is the letter O.
SW Blue 7 is the letter C.
SE Grey 5 is the letter N.
NW Green 4 is the letter M.
Unscrambled, it spells the name of Jefferson’s estate of Monticello.
Therefore, the correct answer (in lowercase) is monticello

The missing letters in order are:
a e i g a m e m a s t e r a t g m a i l d o t c o m
NOTE: You can see that this is an email address which is your answer of:

The images appear in the following order (with the digit associated with the image):
2 Breadline
3 FDR and Fala
4 Four Freedoms Quote
0 Wheelchair FDR
2 TVA Waterfall
2 Fireside Chats
4 Eleanor
1 Eagle
4 Funeral
1 Wall Street Waterfall
3 Future Generations Quote
3 Boulders
2 Dust Bowl
4 USA Waterfall
2 Civil Rights Quote
The answer is 234022414133242.

The cipher is A=N and N=A. Write out the letters of the alphabet in 2 lines and you get the following:


This means that the letter A in the cipher is really the letter N, and the letter N is the cipher is the letter A, etc.
If you translate the message, it becomes:
Or Speech from South Wall Tenth Word
The speech in question requires the date. The date is found in Roman Numerals from twitter, which is MCMLIX, which translates to 1959.
The answer is the 10th word in the speech from 1959 about School Integration, which is the word noble.
The answer is noble

Start with line 4. It says all the numbers are wrong, so we can disregard the numbers 28, 38 and 22.
If we go to line 5, we see that 38 and 22 can be ignored, so the number 19 is one of our solution numbers but in the wrong place (not the 3rd number in sequence). We will come back to 19 in a moment.
If we go to line 1, we have eliminated 22 from consideration. Let’s take a look at 07. If 07 is the number that is in the correct place in line 1, then how can it also be the number in the incorrect place in line 2 if it’s in the same spot? Since this cannot be the case, we can discard 07 from consideration.
If we discard 07, then it means that in line 1, 41 is the other number that is part of our solution and it is in the correct location (3rd number in the sequence).
Coming back to line 3. Since we’ve eliminated 07, and we know that 41 is the 3rd number in the sequence, it means that 19 must be the 1st number in the sequence in order to satisfy the information.
And lastly, looking at line 2, we’ve eliminated 07 already. If 04 is correct but in the wrong place, and we’ve determined so far that 19 is the 1st number in sequence, and 41 is the 3rd number in the sequence, that means that 04 must be the 2nd number in the sequence. 24 cannot be the other number because it would require it to be in the 3rd or 1st position in the sequence to satisfy the information, but we already have numbers there.
The final sequence is 19, 04, 41
The answer is 190441

Lincoln Memorial Puzzle Answer
Total Height of all the Interior columns in feet = 400.
There are 8 interior columns, each column is 50 feet long, so 8×50=400.
Information located in one of the black information circles with interior information.
Number of columns in the exterior colonnade = 36.
Represents the number of states at the time Lincoln was president.
Information located in the audio track.
Number of states listed in attic frieze = 48.
Represents the number of states at dedication of memorial.
Information located in the audio track.
Total number of years mentioned in 2nd Inaugural address = 3258.
4 years (1st paragraph), 4 years (2nd paragraph), 250 years and 3000 years (3rd paragraph).
Information located in one of the quote information circles from the 2nd Inaugural address.
Total number of years mentioned in Gettysburg address = 87.
Four Score and Seven Years is 87 years.
Information located in the other quote information circles of the Gettysburg address.
Number of steps from Plaza level to chamber = 58.
There are 87 steps from the chamber to the reflecting pool, and 29 steps from the reflecting pool to the plaza, so the number of steps from the plaza to the chamber is 87-29=58.
Information located in one of the black information circles about the steps.
Total number of cents if you add Lincoln on a note and Lincoln on a coin = 501.
Lincoln is on the $5 note which is 500 cents. Also he’s on the penny which is 1 cent. Therefore the total in cents is 501.
Information located in one of the blue information circles about money.
Height of Lincoln statue in inches = 228.
All statues in DC (except for the Statue of Freedom on the Capitol Dome) are 19 feet tall. There are 12 inches in a foot. Therefore, the height of the Lincoln statue is 19×12=228 feet.
Information located in one of the blue information circles showing feet. If you count all the feet, there are 19 feet.
Width of Memorial in feet = 120.
There are 12 inches in a foot. The width is shown as 1440 inches. Therefore, the width in feet is 1440/12 = 120.
Information located in one of the blue information circles showing different measurements of the memorial.
Number of words on the Inscription behind Lincoln = 24.
“In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever”.
Information located in one of the blue information circles showing the actual quote.
Total: 400+36+48+3258+87+58+501+228+120+24 = 4760.
The answer is 4760

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If the student was making notes on all the items in italics for each memorial, they should be able to get the answers very quickly.
a) 6 States contributed marble towards the building of the Lincoln Memorial.
a) Thomas Jefferson contributed his books to start the Library of Congress (twice!)
b) There are 14 quotes on the walls of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
c) The earthquake that damaged the Washington Monument occurred in 2011.
d) The 22nd amendment prohibits the President from serving more than 2 consecutive terms. FDR served 4 consecutive terms.
c) A cross on the Vietnam Wall indicates the person is missing in action.
d) Our veterans from WW2 are called the Greatest Generation.
c) George Mason refused to sign the Constitution because it did not initially include a Bill of Rights.
b) 22 countries contributed militarily during the Korean War.
d) We started at Washington, then to WW2, Jefferson, George Mason, FDR, MLK, Korean, Lincoln, and lastly Vietnam.
The answer is aabcdcdcbd.