“Those words are very thought-provoking,” said the teacher to the group.

You’ve come to remember someone who’s words still ring true today. Not a politician, or president, or war hero, but a preacher, a man of peace, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

His Memorial was inspired by his history-remembering “I have a dream speech”, spoken at the Lincoln Memorial. “Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” The entrance of the memorial, between two blocks that represents that mountain of despair comes to a stone with Dr. King, that stone of hope (and where that quote is displayed on the southern side of Dr. King’s stone). There are fourteen different quotes on the walls of the memorial, eight on the north and six on the south.


Your tablet starts to flicker and you suddenly receive this puzzle:


To decipher this clue and find the answer, you will need to find the Cipher AND a Date on the twitter page.
Once you figure out the cipher and the date, decipher the clue. Then you will need to view the various quotes to get the answer.

MLK Memorial Quotes

The date in question has Italian influences.

The cipher is A=N and N=A. Logically, write the first 13 letters of the alphabet out, and then put the next 13 letters right below the first 13 letters. Hence A=N and N=A.

Escape Room: MLK Memorial