Mt Vernon, former home of George and Martha Washington

Mount Vernon is the home of George Washington. You will be asked to look for answers in different locations around the estate.

Once inside the virtual tour, click on the yellow box with three dots and one check mark to show the tour interface, which allows you to select where you want to go faster.

Words of wisdom before you proceed: When you view a certain location, make sure you look all around you, not just what you see immediately!

1) How many halberds (a combination of an axe and spear) are found on the cornerstone? The cornerstone is found in an area where you would store food in a cool, dry place, which is NOT in the kitchen.
2) Find the Hexadecagon building to discover what is sorted by slats
3) How many obelisks are there near George Washington’s tomb(where he’s buried)? The answer is NOT 2.

Enter the answer below typing in the number of halberds, followed by what is sorted out by slats, followed by the number of obelisks. For example, if there are 5 halberds, and salt is sorted by slats, and there are 9 obelisks, the answer would be 5salt9.

For the cornerstone think National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Where did Ben Gates and the President go inside the house?.

Remember to look around all around you i.e. 360 degrees

Escape Room: Mount Vernon