New York City is a Melting Pot of cultures. It’s a city that best exhibits the variety of different backgrounds of immigrant families.

There are 5 boroughs in New York City. Each of the following ethnic neighborhoods is located in one of the 5 boroughs. Match the borough with the ethnic neighborhood. Use the letter associated with the borough.

For example, if the 5 neighborhoods listed in order were Little Poland (Brooklyn), Little Liberia (Staten Island), Koreatown (Manhattan), Little Manila (Queens) and Little Yemen (Bronx), the answer would be caebd

Yes you may use google (sigh)

The neighborhood with African culture is found in the same borough as the Empire State Building.

The neighborhood that loves leprechauns is found in the same borough as Yankee Stadium.

The neighborhood with Southeast Asian culture is found in the borough that’s very close to New Jersey.

The neighborhood with the culture that started the Olympics is found in the borough that’s possibly royalty.


Escape Room: NYC Melting Pot