The Smithsonian Portrait Gallery contains the Presidential Portrait Exhibit. You will be asked to find the presidential portrait that matches the criteria that follows, and then find the last name of the artist and the year of the portrait. You can get this information by clicking on the presidential portrait itself.

Which presidential portrait meets the following criteria:

  • The president is sitting
  • The president is looking to his left
  • You can see both the president’s hands
  • There is a chair in the portrait
  • There is a table in the portrait
  • There are books in the portrait
  • There are papers in the portrait

Enter the answer below typing in the date of the portrait first, followed by the painter. For example, if the portrait was painted in 1935 and the painter’s last name was Robertson, you would type in 1935robertson.

Instead of looking for all the criteria right away, look for those that have the first two criteria and sort from there.

This president had a nickname of “Old Veto”.

Escape Room: Smithsonian Portrait Gallery