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Welcome to Washington, DC!

Here at last! It’s so awesome to finally be in Washington, DC with your classmates. After a long day of travel, and a healthy and hearty dinner to boot, you’re now at the hotel. You have checked into your room with your roommates and are preparing to watch a little TV when you hear a knock on the door. It’s your teacher with your Academic Expeditions Guide, and they have a package that has been delivered to the Academic Expeditions Guide by accident. It’s actually for you.


After thanking the adults for delivering the package, you anxiously open it up. It’s a small tablet with the instructions:

For you and your roommates’ eyes only!

Your curiosity is piqued. You turn on the tablet. The following words appear on the screen:

“Good evening. You and your roommates have been chosen to undertake a highly secretive and sensitive mission. You cannot under any circumstances reveal this mission to anyone, not even your teacher, your guide, the rest of your classmates, or even a government agency. Only your group can accomplish this mission. You will be under surveillance at all times, so your behavior and interactions will be monitored.

You have been chosen because you have displayed the skills necessary for this type of mission: intelligence, logic, intuitiveness, clear communication, and thinking outside the box. We trust in your ability. Don’t let yourselves and your country down!

Using this tablet, take photos at each of the memorials. When you review your photos, you may see other images and links appear relating to each monument. Those are the clues that you need to solve in order to complete your mission.

Be aware that there are items, words, phrases, quotes, numbers at each place that you may not need for the clue at that location, but may be needed later. If you pay attention and use deduction, this will be made obvious to you. Make sure you read everything! Italics are your friend!

All information is to be in lowercase, with information either being just numbers, just letters, or a combination of both. There are no spaces in any of the information.

You may be asking yourselves, who dares to ask us to do some mission for them? We are more cunning that UNCLE, more secretive than the SHIELD, more daring than the IMF, and more universal than the MIB. We are simply known as FERE (pronounced fear). We’ll let you know what that means if you complete the mission.”

You turn to your roommates and wonder if this is real. Your tablet then says out loud:

“Uh, McFly?!! Of course it’s real. Remember you are being watched!”



Are you in? You really don’t have a choice at this point!

If you and your roommates are ready, hit the Begin Mission button.