Boots, flowers, and flags at an American memorial

“Please everyone, I need your undivided attention.” The guide gathered everyone just short of one of the entrances of the memorial. He waited until everyone was quiet, and then spoke: “You are now at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where over fifty eight thousand names of those who were killed or missing in action are remembered. Those who are missing in action have a cross next to their name, while those killed have a diamond next to their name. The Vietnam War was the first television war, and those images of war caused this country to become bitterly divided. For those men and women who survived the war, they became the focus of the vitriol of anti war groups when they came home, calling them all sorts of names like “Murderers” and “Baby Killers”. How could Americans, who had served their country, seen horrors of friends and soldiers being killed, return home and hoping to find solace and peace, instead be insulted and treated as enemies? Those returning veterans felt like their country had abandoned them. This memorial, to all those who did not come home, serves as a place of healing between the surviving veterans and their country. To honor all those who served in Vietnam, you yourself are going to find the name of one of those who didn’t get to come home. ”


Your tablet suddenly buzzed. As your guide continued to explain how to find a name on the wall, you peeked at the tablet. It had a name:

Kenneth James Spencer

And the words below said:

Find him and honor him.

1.  Using LINK#1(opens in a new tab), find the location of this fallen hero on the wall. You will need to get the panel number and row.


2.  Once you find the panel number and row, go to LINK#2(opens in a new tab) and find the name of this hero on the wall. 

  • The Vietnam wall faces towards the East and West. The Eastern portion goes from the middle point towards the right, while the Western portion goes from the middle point towards the left.
  • The panel numbers increase as you go away from the middle. From the middle going to the right is Panel East 1 (top date 1959), East 2, East 3 etc.
  • From the middle going to the right is Panel West 1(bottom date 1975), West 2 and West 3 etc.
  • Zoom towards the bottom of each panel to know which panel you are looking at. 
  • Once you find your panel, count down the number of lines from the top to find the line number. Hint: If your panel number is even, look on the far left of the panel. A white dot will appear every 10 lines. If your panel number is odd, look to the right at the next panel and use the white dot that appears every 10 lines to help you.
  • Zoom in on the name until it almost fills out the page. 
  • Take a screenshot of the page. 


3.  Send the screenshot (as an attachment) to the email address you decoded earlier (please check your spelling!) with “Vietnam Veterans Memorial” in the subject line. Include in the body of the email the following information about the soldier:

  • Age
  • From (hometown)
  • Location on the wall (panel # – line #)

And last but not least, write a note to commemorate their life and honor their service!


4.  You will receive the answer to the puzzle as a reply to your email.