After returning to the hotel on the last evening of tour, you and your roommates are packing before you call it a night.

All of  a sudden your tablet starts playing the theme from James Bond and you rush over to stop it.

A final clue has been posted:


You have done well to get this far in your mission.  But there is one last challenge you must overcome!

The combination of the correct answers to the quiz below is the key to the final puzzle:


1. How many states contributed material for the Lincoln Memorial?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 10

D) 12


2. What did Thomas Jefferson donate to create an important institution?

A) Books for the Library of Congress

B) Wheat for the Department of Agriculture

C) Information for the Department of State

D) Intelligence for the Department of War


3. How many quotes are on the walls of the MLK Memorial?

A) 12 

B) 14

C) 16

D) 18


4. What year was the earthquake that damaged the Washington Monument?

A) 2009

B) 2010

C) 2011

D) 2012


5. What amendment is a result of FDR?

A) 18th amendment

B) 2nd amendment

C) 14th amendment

D) 22nd amendment


6. What symbol indicates that a name on the Vietnam wall is missing in action?

A) Diamond

B) Heart

C) Cross

D) Arrow


7. What do we call our WWII Veterans?

A) Heroic Generation

B) Outstanding Generation

C) Courageous Generation

D) Greatest Generation


8. What did George Mason refuse to sign?

A) Declaration of Independence

B) Bill of Rights

C) Constitution

D) Establishment of Washington DC


9. How many countries contributed toward the UN action in Korea?

A) 20

B) 22

C) 24

D) 26


10. What is the correct order of the memorials you visited today?

A) Jefferson, WWII, Washington, FDR, MLK, George Mason, Korea, Lincoln, Vietnam

B) WWII, Washington, Jefferson, George Mason, MLK, FDR, Lincoln, Vietnam, Korea

C) Washington, Jefferson, WWII, MLK, FDR, George Mason, Vietnam, Korea, Lincoln

D) Washington, WWII, Jefferson, George Mason, FDR, MLK, Korea, Lincoln, Vietnam

Escape Room: Final Puzzle Memorials