Answer these last set of presidential trivia to complete the challenge. You may any online tool to help you answer the questions.

Select the correct multiple choice answer for each of the 10 questions:


1. Which 4 presidents have state capitols named after them?

A) Harrison, Washington, Cleveland, Tyler

B) Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, Harrison

C) Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson

D) Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, Polk


2. Who was the first president born as a citizen in the United States?

A) George Washington

B) John Quincy Adams

C) Martin Van Buren

D) Andrew Jackson


3. Which president features on the $50 bill?

A) Washington

B) Lincoln

C) Jackson

D) Grant


4. The oldest elected president of the United States was?

A) Andrew Jackson

B) Joe Biden

C) Ronald Reagan

D) Donald Trump


5. The youngest ever president was?

A) Theodore Roosevelt

B) John F. Kennedy

C) Millard Fillmore

D) Barack Obama


6. The only president who was never married was?

A) Calvin Coolidge

B) Andrew Johnson

C) Zachary Taylor

D) James Buchanan


7. The only president of this group to not serve in the military during the Civil War was?

A) Ulysses S. Grant

B) William McKinley

C) Rutherford B. Hayes

D) Chester A. Arthur

8. The state that has produced the most presidents is?

A) New York

B) Virginia

C) Ohio

D) Massachusetts


9. The only person to go directly from serving in the House of Representatives to being elected president was?

A) Lyndon Johnson

B) John Kennedy

C) James Garfield

D) William Taft


10. The only 2 Presidents who were elected to be president by the House of Representatives after having not gathered enough electoral votes were?

A) Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams

B) Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland

C) Andrew Jackson and George W. Bush

D) Zachary Taylor and John Tyler

The answer is 10 characters, each character either being a,b,c or d. For example, dcabbacdad.

If you didn’t read above, you may use an online tool to help you with the questions. Yes, you can use google.

Seriously?! If you can’t google your answer, go back to what people did before the internet: take an educated guess!!!

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