While Faster Internet would be nice, it is not a primary reason for immigrating to a new country.


The answer is fasterinternet

In Chronological Order:
e) Pack everything that the family can carry.
g) Leave the village to the port of departure.
a) Sail to New York City.
m) On entering New York harbor, see the Statue of Liberty.
l) Wait on board until it’s your ship’s turn to be processed.
j) Arrive on Ellis Island.
h) Go to the Baggage Room.
c) The Stairs to the Registry Room.
o) The Medical Exam.
d) The Legal Inspection.
n) The Stairs of Separation.
i) Exchange Money.
b) The Kissing Post.
f) Travel to either New Jersey or Manhattan.
k) Embark on the final leg to your new home in America.
The answer is egamljhcodnibfk

Not all the times listed fall into the time frame chosen, so only the following times and medical conditions match:


3:10 Heart (h)
3:15 Face (f)
3:22 Conjunctivitis (c)
3:33 Neck (n)
3:37 Eyes (e)
3:41 Suspected Mental Defect (x)
3:58 Goiter (g)
3:59 Feet (ft)
4:03 Trachoma (ct)


The answer is hfcnexgftct

a) is False. There are 13 profiles, not 12.
b) is False. There are 6 males and 7 females, so more females.
c) is False. The Nationalities are actually Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Irish. The origin countries are Russia, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Romania and Ireland.
d) is True.
e) is True.
f) is False. The numbers add up to 343, not 344. (36+32+8+10+16+52+24+30+15+27+22+54+17)
g) is True. (Berlussa, Vlimzig, Krautzmann, Putminsk, Dougherty)
h) is False. 8 have good health, 5 have either physical or health problems (Natalia Litkeyvitch has a cough, Vlimzig has a limp, Putminsk has a paralyzed arm, Irena Vuelho has red spots on her face with a fever, Ceaucesceau has trouble breathing)
i) is True. (The 2 Litkeyvitch kids, Berlussa, Putminsk, Dougherty)
j) is True. ($43 total for the Litkeyvitchs, $58, $75, $60, $52, $40, $64+$34 (for Vuelhos), $52, $50)


Therefore, the correct answer is fffttftftt

The numbers used to calculate the answer are:
25,000 Chinese came during the Gold Rush
60,000 Japanese were processed at Angel Island
18,000 Filipinos came to the mainland after first arriving in Hawaii
3,000 Indians were processed at Angel Island
2,248 Russians were allowed in per year

The answer is 108248

The countries used for the answer are:
The European Country with the most immigrants to the United States from 1970-79 was the United Kingdom.
The South American Country with the most immigrants to the United States from 1990-99 was Colombia.
The African Country with the most immigrants to the United States from 1950-59 was Morocco.
Therefore, the answer is unitedkingdomcolombiamorocco

In Order:
Little Senegal is in Manhattan (e)
Little Sri Lanka is in Staten Island (a)
Little Ireland is in the Bronx (d)
Little Odessa is in Brooklyn (c)
Little Greece is in Queens (b)
The answer is eadcb

In Order:
Little Senegal (j) caldou, chicken yassa, thieboudienne
Little Manila (g) Lumpia, Kare-Kare, Bulalo
Chinatown (k) Pork bun sandwiches, Wonton with Hot Sauce
Koreatown (e) BBQ Beef Bulgogi, Kimchee
Little Guyana (f) aloo pie, jerk pork rice
Little Poland (h) Chrusciki, mizeria, pyzy
Little Odessa (c) Vareneki, chibureki, plov
Little Greece (n) Gyros, Souvlaki
Little Sri Lanka (o) Chicken Kottu, Lamprais
Little Mexico (m) Barbacoa de borrego, horchata, tlayuda
Little Italy (b) Cannoli, rigatoni and marinara sauce
Little Brazil (i) Pao de queijo, coxinha
Little Peru (d) Pan con chicharron, anticucho
Jewish Food Lower East Side (l) challah, bourekahs, matzo
Little Thailand (a) Peanut curry, papaya salad, pad thai
The answer is jgkefhcnombidla

c) There are 27 Amendments to the Constitution
d) All of the above
c) Legislative (Congress), Executive (President), Judicial (Supreme Court)
a) There is no such thing as the Secretary of the Environment
b) You can’t promise to obey only some of the laws of the United States
c) Georgia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. (Vermont, Florida and Kentucky are not part of the original 13 states)
d) Battle of Vicksburg. Battle of Little Big Horn occurred during the 19th Century Indian Wars, Battle of New Orleans occurred during the War of 1812, the Battle of Bunker Hill occurred during the Revolutionary War.
a) Skyscrapers. Steam Locomotive and Battle Tank was invented by Great Britain, Photograph was invented by France.
a) Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day. (Judges Day, Representatives Day and Teachers Day do not exist, and Halloween and Valentines Day are not Federal Holidays)
b) Assembly, Expression, To Bear Arms (other rights include Speech, Petition Government, Religion)
The answer is cdcabcdaab