“Did you know that the Lincoln memorial is constructed with materials from six different states: Massachusetts, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia?” stated our guide. We had finally reached one of the most famous memorials in the world, a testament to the man who saved the United States from being ripped apart. Completed in 1922, the designer, Henry Bacon, wanted to show that in a country almost torn apart could come together to create something amazing (and also show the states being reunified).


As you attempt to recreate a scene from Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonians is interrupted by your tablet suddenly playing a loud version of Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. Scrambling to silence your tablet, you notice the following clue:

Add the following:
  • The total height of all the Interior columns of the Memorial in feet
  • The number of columns in the exterior colonnade of the Memorial
  • The number of states listed in attic frieze
  • The total number of years mentioned in 2nd Inaugural address
  • The total number of years mentioned in Gettysburg address
  • The number of steps from the Plaza level to Memorial chamber
  • The total number of cents if you add Lincoln on a note and Lincoln on a coin
  • The height of Lincoln’s statue in inches
  • The width of Memorial in feet
  • The number of words on the Inscription behind Lincoln

Explore the image below to help you find the answer: