Beautiful shot of Monticello in the summer

Monticello is Thomas Jefferson’s estate. You’ll be looking to count some heads here!

Make sure you use the floor plan and index to assist you getting to each room faster. You will only need to check the first floor.
How many busts or sculpted heads are there at Monticello? A bust or sculpted head is one made of stone, usually showing the head and shoulders of an individual

Enter the answer below. The answer is a number.

Dolls and paintings are not busts nor are they sculpted in stone.

Make sure you’ve checked the Parlor, Entrance Hall, Tea Room, Cabinet, Library and South Square Room.

The busts are all located on the First Floor.
Two in the parlor (Alexander I and Napoleon)
Six in the Entrance Hall (Voltaire, Jefferson, Turger, Hamilton, and 2 Native American heads)
Four in the Tea Room (Washington, Franklin, John Paul Jones, Lafayette)
Two in the Cabinet Room (John Adams and Jefferson)
Three in the Library (Madison, Roscoe, some unknown dude)
Two in the South Square Room (Jefferson’s granddaughters, Cornelia and Ann)
The answer is 19.