If you want to eat food from a particular country, you can find a restaurant that serves that type of food somewhere in New York City.

Match the food with the country of origin (meaning NYC neighborhood)

Click on the link to see the items of interest on a separate tab or to print LINK#1(opens in a new tab).

The answer is 15 characters, with each letter appearing only once. Pretending that Japantown was listed as the first area, and that Japanese food such as sushi or wasabi was listed for letter b, then the first letter in the final answer would be b. For example, the 15 characters might look like this: bfmjkdalhcegnio

Yes you may use google again! (sigh)

Caldou, chicken yassa and thieboudienne are dishes from Senegal, so the first letter in the answer is the letter j.

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