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Welcome to Washington, DC!

You can’t believe that you’re back in Washington DC. After visiting with your school, you convinced your parents to bring the family here for a family vacation to see more sights. Besides your parents, you have your younger brother and sister with you. Now, after a long day of travel, you’re at the hotel and trying to relax a little. As you play minecraft on your brand new tablet, it begins to shake, and suddenly a message appears:


Welcome back FERE agent! We have another mission for you!

Wait. How did they get on my tablet. And why does FERE want me for another mission? The following words appear on the screen:

“Good evening. You have again been chosen to undertake a highly secretive and sensitive mission. You cannot under any circumstances reveal this mission to anyone, not even your parents, your sister, and ESPECIALLY not your brother! Only you can accomplish this mission. As usual, you will be under surveillance at all times, so your behavior and interactions will be monitored.

You have succeeded before. We trust in your ability. You will succeed again. Don’t let yourselves and your country down!

Again, using this tablet, take photos at each of the memorials. When you review your photos, you may see other images and links appear relating to each monument. Those are the clues that you need to solve in order to complete your mission.

Be aware that there are items, words, phrases, quotes, numbers at each place that you may not need for the clue at that location, but may be needed later. If you pay attention and use deduction, this will be made obvious to you. Make sure you read everything! Italics are your friend!

All information is to be in lowercase, with information either being just numbers, just letters, or a combination of both. There are no spaces in any of the information.

We are FERE (I know you already know that, but it sounds cool). We’ll let you know what that means if you complete the mission.”

You say out loud “This can’t be happening again, can it?”:

“Uh, McFly?!! Of course it’s happening again. Go do it!”



Are you in? You really don’t have a choice at this point!

If you’re ready, hit the Begin Mission button.